Adding to the Awesomeness of the Aurora Project

Lady Jane's and Wicked Awesome Wishes were blessed to be able to finish our 12 Days of Wishes with a crescendo and execute a wish with the Aurora Project, Inc. in Toledo, OH. Aurora Project, Inc. is a comprehensive housing and life skills program that empowers homeless women and their children to achieve self sufficiency and independence by providing resources and learning opportunities in a supportive and safe environment. The families Aurora serves have extremely complex service needs and are homeless for a variety of reasons, i.e., chemical dependency, severe mental health, domestic violence and economic downturn (loss of employment/foreclosure). While we were at the Aurora House, we were

Making Wishes Come True in Milwaukee!

Lady Jane's and Wicked Awesome Wishes were blessed to be able to grant a wish to Dena of Milwaukee. Dena is a retired school teacher with a heart of gold. 3 years ago her long-time partner passed of cancer and her life has been spiraling since then. When her daughter hit a rough patch, Dena was there to help. Dena now has her daughter, boyfriend, grandson and their dog living with her and has limited space to do her own daily activities. Due to the extra expense of helping her family and the loss of her partners income, Dena’s credit and finances have been pushed to the max. She has a hole in her roof, that she simply doesn't have the spare money to take care of. She is too proud to ask for

Creating Cheer at the Covenant House!

Lady Jane's and Wicked Awesome Wishes are thankful to Covenant House Michigan for letting us spend time with them just before the new year to grant one of our 12 days of wishes! The Covenant House is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides hope to homeless, runaway and at-risk youth ages 18-24, as well as to youth who have aged out of foster care, with shelter, educational and vocational programs. Additional support services are offered in order to remove and overcome barriers such as homelessness, unemployment, inadequate education, violence, drugs, human trafficking and gang activity that prevent young people from successfully transitioning into adulthood. We were blessed to pro

Adding Christmas Joy to the Cruce Family!

Lady Jane’s & Wicked Awesome Wishes teamed up to grant a wish submitted for the Cruce family in Grand Rapids, MI. Stacy and Josh Cruce’s youngest son, JoJo, has been diagnosed with Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-Like 5 (CDKL5), which is a very rare genetic disorder that affects his X chromosome. JoJo is blind, suffers seizures frequently, he can't walk, talk, and there currently is no cure. His mother, Stacy, stays home to care for JoJo and their other 3 children. She is a dedicated mother that will do anything to help her family, but the financial burden of having a one-income household with all the additional medical expenses and therapies can be overwhelming. We’re blessed to be able to assist t

Wicked Awesome Wishes Provides Transportation to Further Recovery Journey

Wicked Awesome Wishes & Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men are thankful to be able to grant Kathleen’s wish to continue down a path of recovery. Kathleen has hit hard times and fights everyday to survive. It started with the loss of her husband and father of her children in 2016. Kathleen turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain of this loss which resulted in her children leaving home to go live with family members. Since then, Kathleen has joined individual and family therapy in an effort to repair her life and relationship with her children. Kathleen was living in an inoperable vehicle until her friend took her in, but she still has to take the bus to therapy, meetings, job interviews a

Keeping Cornerstone Students Warm this Winter!

Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men were blessed to be able to help Cornerstone schools in their quest to keep their students warm this winter. We were able to provide more than 100 pieces of winter clothing to help keep their students warm and safe this holiday season. Our donation included hats, coats, gloves and scarves for these future leaders in the Detroit community. We were also able to make a significant financial donation towards Cornerstone schools to assist with the 2019 school year. Wicked Awesome Wishes was crafted from the passion of Chad Johnson, CEO of Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men. Lady Jane’s was started in Metro Detroit and Chad Johnson has stayed true in

Wish Granted for Harris Family this Holiday Season!

Lady Jane’s & Wicked Awesome Wishes is grateful to be able to grant the wish submitted for James Harris and his family during the holiday season. James is a dedicated husband to his wife, Amanda, and a father to a 2-year old boy, James Jr, and 3-month old baby, Remus. James has been diagnosed with a very rare lung disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. The only way he can survive is with a lung transplant that will cost him $15,000, along with a 6 week recovery period in Cleveland, OH after the surgery. This procedure is a necessity in order for him to see his young ones grow up. For the time being, the family is mostly living in-and-out of their van and taking their 3 children along with t

2 Wishes Granted in Clearwater, FL!

Lady Jane’s & Wicked Awesome Wishes are overwhelmed with joy from our 2 wishes granted in Clearwater, FL. The first for Nancy Hawks and the second for Brady Fisher and his wife, Joann. Wish #1 - Our Clearwater location received a phone call from a sweet woman by the name of Nancy Hawks. Nancy was recently diagnosed with cancer and asked if we would be willing to take her on as a client because she would be experiencing hair loss from her upcoming chemotherapy treatments. She wanted to transition to a shorter hairstyle since she would soon be losing most of her hair. During the conversation it became clear that Nancy was uncomfortable asking about the costs of our services. Since her diagnosi

Wicked Awesome Wishes Grants Wish to Family Struck by Tragedy

Lady Jane’s & Wicked Awesome Wishes is overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to grant the wish submitted for the Marshall family. The Marshall’s were devastated by tragedy, when their two young children were struck during a drive-by shooting. The two children were playing outside their home when this nightmare occured. Mia, who is 3, was shot, injured and hospitalized and has since come home. Kyle, who is 9, was not as lucky. He was shot in the abdomen and has been in the hospital for more than a year. Kyle has had more than 12 surgeries and is now relearning to swallow and eat. While most kids are writing Christmas lists and playing in the snow, Kyle just hopes he can get out of the hospita

WAW & LJ Team Up to Grant Wish for the Page Family!

Lady Jane's & Wicked Awesome Wishes were blessed to be able to grant the wish submitted for Jeffrey Page and his family. Ten months ago, Jeffrey’s wife, Damen, gave birth to their third child, Lane. Unfortunately, Damen was born with a heart defect and experienced some complications after giving birth. Her health declined over the next month and a half, and things took a turn for the worst. Damen was placed in a medical induced coma to help her rest, and passed away less than a week later – leaving Jeffrey and the kids behind. Balancing work and raising three young kids has been a struggle for Jeffrey. Damen’s passing has created a financial burden on the family and with this being their fir


Lady Jane's and Wicked Awesome Wishes kicked off our 12 Days of Wishes on Tuesday in Gilbert, AZ with the Voss family! The Voss family has had to endure many hardships over the last 2 years. Last year, they learned their newborn, Lyndsay, has a rare blood disorder which has caused her to be in-and-out of hospitals. Also, the family was in a rollover car accident on their way home from church when a careless driver ran a stop sign which lead to the passing of sons, Michael and Matthew, who both suffered from muscular dystrophy. Christmas has not been a reality for this family with all of their pain and suffering over the last 2 years. We are blessed to be able to grant their wish this holiday

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