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WAW & LJ Team Up to Grant Wish for the Page Family!

Lady Jane's & Wicked Awesome Wishes were blessed to be able to grant the wish submitted for Jeffrey Page and his family.

Ten months ago, Jeffrey’s wife, Damen, gave birth to their third child, Lane. Unfortunately, Damen was born with a heart defect and experienced some complications after giving birth. Her health declined over the next month and a half, and things took a turn for the worst. Damen was placed in a medical induced coma to help her rest, and passed away less than a week later – leaving Jeffrey and the kids behind. Balancing work and raising three young kids has been a struggle for Jeffrey. Damen’s passing has created a financial burden on the family and with this being their first Christmas without Damen, it is sure to be a tough one.

We are thankful we could help this wonderful family during this difficult time. Special thanks to Big Corner Creative for helping us capture this special wish! and Scott have three young children, all under the age of 4.

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