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About Wicked Awesome Wishes

While we’ve been afforded so many blessings in life, we truly believe that we have a higher purpose: to give back. We desire charitable endeavors with personal interaction, and we appreciate serving with our own two hands.


We created Wicked Awesome Wishes as a means of giving back, setting out to establish a charity like no other.  Our non-profit is based on the idea that charity is supposed to support the community and those who need a blessing the most. We’re proud to serve in and make an impact to the communities our businesses stand in.


Real people helped us build our business and our livelihood. It is those people who form the basis of all we do. That’s why we formed Wicked Awesome Wishes to support any individual in need and make their wishes come true, whatever those wishes may be.


WAW is about:


  • Enabling others to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience or accomplish what they thought they never could

  • Giving to those who have fallen on hard times

  • Spreading happiness, joy, and hope to children


What does that look like? We may help a single, widowed mother who can’t afford Christmas presents for her four kids, a graduating senior without the means to afford college tuition, an unemployed veteran in need of rent money. Helping individuals like this directly — handing them assistance with our own two hands — is our passion. No red tape, no hurdles, no middle men.


We believe the best of people, and our mission is to make Wicked Awesome Wishes come true.

Chad & Jenny Johnson


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet the amazing team behind Wicked Awesome Wishes, the charity putting smiles on the faces of those who need it most. Our small but dedicated group works tirelessly to grant wishes and bring joy to those facing difficult times.

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