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While we’ve been afforded so many blessings in life, we truly believe that we have a higher purpose: to give back. We could have easily given money to already-established causes, but it wouldn’t have given us the personal interaction we desire.

With this principle in mind, we created Wicked Awesome Wishes as a means of giving back, setting out to establish a charity like no other.  We consider WAW an honest-to-goodness, well-intentioned, non-profit organization based on the idea that charity is supposed to support the community of people who are in need and that helps people directly.

People — down-to-earth, real people — helped us build our business and our livelihood. It is those people, often blue collar Detroiters, who form the basis of all we do. That’s why we formed our charity to support any individual in need and make their wishes come true.

WAW is about:

  • Enabling others to experience or accomplish what they thought they never could

  • Surprising and delighting those who thought they didn’t stand a chance

  • Giving to those who have fallen on bad times

  • Spreading happiness, joy, and hope to children

What does that look like? We may help a single, widowed mother who can’t afford Christmas presents for her four kids, a graduating senior without the means to afford college tuition, an unemployed veteran in need of rent money. Helping individuals like this directly — handing them assistance with our own two hands — is our passion. No red tape, no hurdles, no middle men.

We believe in people, and we believe in making Wicked Awesome Wishes come true.

Chad & Jenny Johnson

Chad Johnson: Founder/Co-Chair

Chad has spent the last decade building two highly successful companies with Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men. His aggressive marketing campaigns have solidified the tagline “It’s Wicked Awesome” as a household saying. What better name for his newest adventure than Wicked Awesome Wishes.

Jenny Johnson: Co-Chair

The wife of Chad Johnson and their three lovely children, Jenny Johnson has a warm place in her heart for unfortunate kids. While family is her priority in life, her passion and caring extends beyond the norm. She feels that success in life is truly achieved when you can make a difference and give back to someone less fortunate.

Tim McCollum: Co-Chair

Tim is the President of Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men. Tim is also a family man and spends a great deal of time giving back to the community he lives in through coaching and volunteer efforts. Tim feels honored to serve on the Wicked Awesome Wishes board and looks forward to helping families, children and individuals in need. 

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Foundation Facts

Founded in 2013, Wicked Awesome Wishes is a Michigan-based charitable organization with 501c3 non-profit status. The foundation is the brainchild of Chad Johnson, CEO of Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men. A Michigan-based service company currently showing amazing growth across the US!

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: to give assistance directly to those in need. This is a true charity, established with the single intention of helping our fellow man in need. There will be no red tape, no handling fees, no processing fees. All funds we raise go directly to people who need them. Period.

Have Your Wish Granted

Do you know someone with a specific need Wicked Awesome Wishes could assist with? Fill out our contact form and explain the situation and the assistance you are seeking.


To enable real people to truly experience the joy of having a wish fulfilled and finding hope, while helping others enjoy the rewards of paying it forward.

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