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Making Wishes Come True in Milwaukee!

Lady Jane's and Wicked Awesome Wishes were blessed to be able to grant a wish to Dena of Milwaukee.

Dena is a retired school teacher with a heart of gold. 3 years ago her long-time partner passed of cancer and her life has been spiraling since then. When her daughter hit a rough patch, Dena was there to help. Dena now has her daughter, boyfriend, grandson and their dog living with her and has limited space to do her own daily activities. Due to the extra expense of helping her family and the loss of her partners income, Dena’s credit and finances have been pushed to the max. She has a hole in her roof, that she simply doesn't have the spare money to take care of. She is too proud to ask for help and has always been helping and dedicated to educating others her entire life.

Wicked Awesome Wishes was able to grant Dena a wish that included financial support for the repair of her roof.

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