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Wish Granted for Harris Family this Holiday Season!

Lady Jane’s & Wicked Awesome Wishes is grateful to be able to grant the wish submitted for James Harris and his family during the holiday season.

James is a dedicated husband to his wife, Amanda, and a father to a 2-year old boy, James Jr, and 3-month old baby, Remus. James has been diagnosed with a very rare lung disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. The only way he can survive is with a lung transplant that will cost him $15,000, along with a 6 week recovery period in Cleveland, OH after the surgery. This procedure is a necessity in order for him to see his young ones grow up. For the time being, the family is mostly living in-and-out of their van and taking their 3 children along with them to the Cleveland Clinic almost daily for treatments to ensure his survival period until the transplant.

We are blessed to be able to assist this family financially in their quest to get this transplant and help them in this difficult time.

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