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Wicked Awesome Wishes Grants Wish to Family Struck by Tragedy

Lady Jane’s & Wicked Awesome Wishes is overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to grant the wish submitted for the Marshall family.

The Marshall’s were devastated by tragedy, when their two young children were struck during a drive-by shooting. The two children were playing outside their home when this nightmare occured. Mia, who is 3, was shot, injured and hospitalized and has since come home. Kyle, who is 9, was not as lucky. He was shot in the abdomen and has been in the hospital for more than a year. Kyle has had more than 12 surgeries and is now relearning to swallow and eat. While most kids are writing Christmas lists and playing in the snow, Kyle just hopes he can get out of the hospital to enjoy putting up the Christmas tree with his family.

Times have been tough for the Marshall’s since this senseless act and we’re blessed to be able to help them through this holiday season.

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