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Adding to the Awesomeness of the Aurora Project

Lady Jane's and Wicked Awesome Wishes were blessed to be able to finish our 12 Days of Wishes with a crescendo and execute a wish with the Aurora Project, Inc. in Toledo, OH.

Aurora Project, Inc. is a comprehensive housing and life skills program that empowers homeless women and their children to achieve self sufficiency and independence by providing resources and learning opportunities in a supportive and safe environment. The families Aurora serves have extremely complex service needs and are homeless for a variety of reasons, i.e., chemical dependency, severe mental health, domestic violence and economic downturn (loss of employment/foreclosure).

While we were at the Aurora House, we were able to provide numerous household items like toilet paper, paper towel, batteries, cleaning products, etc. as well as a new dish washer and make a substantial fiscal donation to go towards the programs they provide to their residents.

Lady Jane's and Wicked Awesome Wishes are all about the empowerment of women and that is why the Aurora Project is the perfect last wish to grant for our 12 Days of Wishes. Thank you to everyone involved! We're blessed to make so many holidays brighter and continue to give back within the communities we do business in. We believe in people, and we believe in making Wicked Awesome Wishes come true.

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