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Wicked Awesome Wishes Provides Transportation to Further Recovery Journey

Wicked Awesome Wishes & Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men are thankful to be able to grant Kathleen’s wish to continue down a path of recovery.

Kathleen has hit hard times and fights everyday to survive. It started with the loss of her husband and father of her children in 2016. Kathleen turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain of this loss which resulted in her children leaving home to go live with family members. Since then, Kathleen has joined individual and family therapy in an effort to repair her life and relationship with her children. Kathleen was living in an inoperable vehicle until her friend took her in, but she still has to take the bus to therapy, meetings, job interviews and the grocery store.

We feel blessed to be able to grant Kathleen’s wish by supplying her with a car. Reliable transportation will now enable her to get a job and continue her quest to get her life back on track and repair her relationship with her children.

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