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Family fun at the Ball Game!

Wicked Awesome Wishes and the Lady Jane's team were able to meet the great family of Lisa and her two daughters Maddie and Lily last week, at our headquarters in Birmingham MI.  In the fall of 2023, Lisa's husband, Scott, passed away due to complications with his heart.  This left the trio of girls heartbroken and Lisa struggling to balance being a mom with providing for the family.

On Friday May 10th, we invited the three of them to the office where they were able to explore the Woodward Sports Studio and even meet with Ryan Ermanni who is a fan favorite of Lisa's.  Here we were able to surprise them with behind the plate tickets to the Detroit Tiger's game, as well as some spending money for goodies at the game!  We are so happy that we could give this special family an experience they normally could not afford.  WAW looks forward to helping this amazing family more in the near future!


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