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Family of 7 gets some relief from LJ & WAW

Melissa and Chris struggle each day to pay the bills and keep food on the table for their 5 children. They live in Belleville and if job and financial strains are not enough, their youngest, Lillie, is autistic and has had multiple brain surgeries to remove tumors. The extra health bills have sent them over the edge and their friend of 10 years, Kendall Kline, asked Wicked Awesome Wishes for some help.

Wicked Awesome Wishes, with the help of Lady Jane's was able to provide financial support to this worthy family by paying some past due utility bills and multiple monthly mortgage payments. We also provided multiple gift cards for clothes and food. We were able to put together a Manly Man package for Chris and his son Porter. It included a VIP experience at Lady Jane's and 2 tickets to see the Red Wings compliments of 97.1 The Ticket. Both Chris and Porter shed tears of joy.

We could not forget Melissa and her unbelievable friend Kendall. Wicked Awesome Wishes secured a "Ultimate Beauty Day" for them at LUV Salon and Spa. Their middle daughter, Autumn is in cosmetology school, so Lady Jane's presented her with a "Day in the life" of Lady Janes. She will spend the day at our corporate headquarters in Birmingham, meet with executives in our company, learn the company history and shadow top stylists in our flagship salon. She is also guaranteed an interview with our COO upon her graduation.

Last but not least, Lillie. This beautiful little girl wants to be a musician and loves the piano. Wicked Awesome Wishes and Lady Jane's was able to get her a key board that she can play everyday. She immediately took it out of the box, hooked it up and started playing. She even skipped pizza, so that she could stay engaged with her new instrument.

This wish was truly deserved and Wicked Awesome! Thank you Kendall!

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