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Lady Jane’s Continues to Support Mojo’s Breaking and Entering

Lady Jane's and Mojo -January 2016

Although the holidays create a lot of joy for many people, there are still some who can’t afford to provide for their families during this special time. This is where Lady Jane‘s and Mojo in the Morning helped!

Lady Jane’s provided $25,000 and Mojo in the Morning used their No. 1-ranked radio show to find families in dire need of help. Here are some of the stories of the families that were helped this past holiday season:

  • A dad in Centerline, MI who had recently lost his wife and his job was given a Christmas to

remember for his very special family.

  • Issaic was a six-foot tall football player who suffered a massive AVM in his brain, which left him in a wheelchair, barely able to talk on his 16th birthday. His mom quit her job to care for him and money was a huge concern. LJ and MITM delivered a Christmas that left Issaic in tears. It included a paid-for rental of a handicap van, meet-and-greets at a Lions game, Christmas presents for the entire family and Kroger gift cards to keep food on the table.

  • A war hero Justin, was wounded in 2007 in Iraq as he watched his close friends die in front of him. His memory loss and severe PTSD changed his life forever. With seven kids, he and his wife needed serious help this holiday and LJ and MITM were there to help.

  • LA’Darries needs a bone marrow transplant and his mom had to quit her job to take care of him. This was possibly his last Christmas, so LJ and MITM took this one close to heart and delivered an unbelievable Christmas to this Wicked Awesome family.

  • North Pole: This very special event that is an annul part of this Breaking and Entering effort. LJ and MITH take a group of sick kids and their families to the North Pole to see Santa. It starts with a plane trip to Santa’s palace, where they meet Santa and get to fill their sack with toys from Santa’s workshop!

Breaking and Entering with Mojo in the Morning

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