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Wicked Awesome Wishes, Stephen Tulluch, Grant Summer A Special Wish

Summer was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma – an inoperable brain tumor – in October 2012. The 4th grader was given 14 months to live and despite her initial positive response to treatment, her symptoms returned and became progressive in March of 2013.

Through its partnership with Stephen Tulloch, Lady Jane’s granted Summer’s wish by bringing her on the field before kickoff to meet Tulloch and some of her other favorite Lions players, and then Summer watched her favorite team beat the Bears from the front row.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger Lions fan until I met Summer,” said Chad Johnson, CEO of Lady Jane’s. “She was so excited to cheer on her Lions! I can’t even begin to imagine what she is going through but to see a smile on her face was the most heartwarming feeling in the world, and the whole reason we founded Wicked Awesome Wishes and partnered with Tulloch this season.”

“It was great to meet Summer and her mother before the game and I’m glad they had a good time. This is why I started my foundation and really enjoy partnering with great people like Chad, we can help or assist others when possible and we both really love to give back, it’s a great partnership we have with Lady Jane’s,” says Tulloch.

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